Alex Kasimov

Frontend Developer

Leading frontend developer with more than 10 years of professional experience in designing and developing websites, applications, complex systems, libraries and tools for solving business problems, improving user experience, optimizing team’s development and working processes.

Key Skills

Web technologies: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, TypeScript, Node.js, browser APIs and extensions.

Frameworks, libraries, tools: React, Vue, Svelte, Express.js, Next.js, Nuxt.js, Webpack, GraphQL Apollo, Vuex, Redux, BEM, SCSS, PostCSS, Git, Docker, Figma, Photoshop, Linux.

Development: adaptive mobile-first markup, crafting component libraries, profiling and debugging, performance auditing and optimization, iterative refactoring and tech. debt liquidation, caching, network and efficient content delivery, working with graphics, internationalization (i18n), client-side rendering (spa), server-side rendering (ssr), accessibility (a11y), designing architecture, bundling and transpiling, code splitting, front-ops and CI/CD.

Transferable: leadership and coordination of the development team, interviewing, code review, consultation of colleagues from neighboring teams, problems defining and solving, planning and reporting.

Professional Experience

10 years 3 months

Jan. 2023 - Present

“Umain AB”, Stockholm, Sweden, Senior frontend developer

Aug. 2021 — Dec. 2022

“DropsTab”, London, UK, Part-time senior frontend developer

Sep. 2020 — Dec. 2022

“AdsPro Media”, Prague, Czech Republic, Lead frontend developer

Sep. 2018 — Sep. 2020

“Cointelegraph”, New York, US, Lead frontend developer

Mar. 2018 — Sep. 2018

“Building yard”, Tyumen, Russia, Frontend developer

Nov. 2017 — Feb. 2018

“NDA”, Consultant frontend developer

Sep. 2016 — Oct. 2017

“BuildPrice” (prev. known as “Concrete24”), Simferopol, Ukraine, Lead frontend developer

Oct. 2013 — Aug. 2016

Job during (and after) university


Sep. 2011 — June 2015

Tomsk State University of Control Systems and Radio electronics, Tomsk, Russia